As is known, remote work has become a trend due to the need of social distancing and also a convenient alternative for companies and their employees to save money on relocations, facility maintenance, furniture and work team.

Are you aware of how to maintain good working habits from home?

It is essential the respect your own health and well-being more clearly, because the practice of working from home has already become a habitual situation. However, the distractions that exist at home are many and discipline is the key to maintaining labor productivity.

Here, there are 6 tips regarding ergonomics at remote work.

1- Make a plan

A careful planning and a high degree of commitment are necessary to obtain good results when working from home, otherwise it become a major obstacle. It can reduce productivity, cluttering working schedules and work communication. You should keep the same responsibility as you did in the office. In order to achieve your goals, it is advisable to follow the specific routine with the same eating and personal hygiene schedules and not blend your personal affairs with work. Don´t allow children and visitors at home during working hours. Technological distractions such as t.v. and excessive social media should be avoided to the fullest.

2 – A correct and most comfortable posture

The word “ergonomics” essentially concerns with your posture. Well, in addition to a lot of other care, the way we sit has a lot to do with it. We should not react only when we feel pain or sore but is essencial to appreciate a good position in the day-to-day life. A correct posture is related to the support in some parts of the body, like back, neck and elbows. Comfort is essential for productivity results.

3 -Adequate furniture and lightning

In addition to addressing posture, ergonomics also reflects in the surrounding environment, that has to be a quiet and organized for remarkable results.

The chair should allow a 90º angle between the hips and knees; the height of the table has to vary according to the height of the worker; the computer monitor should be at a distance of 50 to 75 centimeters from face, in order to avoid eye strain and other problems of occupational exposure.

Lighting plays a key role in the comfort of the workspace. If the room or monitor screen is too bright, it can cause eyestrain or headaches. If it’s too monotonous, you end up squinting your eyes trying to compensate your vision.

5 – Regular pauses are needed e walk at times

It is important that you move regularly to relieve the pressure on your back and feet from sitting in the same position for a long time. An adjustable table is the perfect tool to achieve it. Stretching, walking to the kitchen to drink a glass of water, alternating positions are fundamental to relieve muscle tension and stress relieve. 5-minute break every hour can reduce significantly overall levels of musculoskeletal discomfort and eye fatigue, that are essential for maintaining body weight and energy levels.

6 – Surprise yourself with a Self-Massage

SOKURA recommends a 5 to 10 minutes session to relax using a fantastic self-massage Sit comfortably in a chair but straight your back, leaning it on the back of the chair. Start stretching the neck muscles, tilting the neck to the right and staying in this position for a few seconds. Then, repeat the same movement for each side.

Then place your right hand on your left shoulder and massage the muscles that are located between the shoulder and the back of the neck, as if you were kneading bread. Apply some pressure, to have some effect. Then apply the same movements on the right region, insisting on the most painful regions. This self-massage is particularly indicated for headache, a lot of tension in the shoulder and neck area and when it lacks concentration.

Take advantage of a Self-Massage when having a coffee break, for example, as it is useful to relax, calm down, improve focus and attention.

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