Artist's Day is celebrated on the 24th of August.
On this day, congratulations to all the artists in the world. Examples are: the actor, the director, the poet, the writer, the painter, the sculptor, the composer, the musician, the dancer, the craftsman, the photographer, the sportsman, among many others. The artist is anyone who expresses himself through art and who cultivates the feeling of beauty and art, thus making it possible to find artists in various fields.

The Reflexologist as an Artist in the Art of Working Feet
(His feet walk the earth and through them his spirit joins the Universe.)
PODAL REFLEXOLOGY is a sub-area of ​​art therapy, being a gentle art, a fascinating science and an extremely effective form of therapeutic massage in the field of complementary medicine.
How is this art performed?
The therapist uses their hands and uses a specific finger pressure technique on the patient. Thus, it acts on precise reflex points on the patient's feet, as the reflex areas of the feet correspond to all parts of the body. As the feet represent a microcosm of the body, all organs, glands and other parts are arranged in a similar arrangement to the feet.

How is pressure applied?
The pressure is gentle (the therapist has to ask if the patient is comfortable with the pressure), and applied to the reflex areas with the fingers, causing physiological changes in the body.

What are the benefits of Reflexology?
• muscle relaxation
• stimulation of endorphin production
• better blood circulation performance
• balance of the organism, with the reduction of tension
• promotes relaxation
• oxygenates the nervous system
It should be noted that our feet support our weight throughout the day. Therefore, they are subjected to a lot of pressure, and especially with inappropriate shoes, causing an imbalance in our support axis.

Reflexology as pedagogy

This therapy can be taught, through illustrations and demonstrations of foot massage techniques (there are also hands and ears). The movements respect a rhythm and cadence as if it were a kind of symbolic artistic exercise. This fact contributes to self-knowledge and socialisation.

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