How to prepare yourself for an online session?

1- Check booking details and your therapist will send you a link to the video call via email. In case you did not receive the email with the link, contact SOKURA, immediately. Comfortable clothes are advisable, prepare a relaxing drink, use the toilet before the session, keep some tissues if needed and allow 5 […]

How to prepare yourself for a nutrition session?

Remember to check the booking details. Make sure your address is correct and verify if you scheduled the right treatment. If you have an online session, it is advisable to have a scale at home.

How to prepare yourself for a psychology session?

Always remember to check the appointment details. Make sure your address is correct and verify that you scheduled the right treatment. Choose a quiet environment. You can use a chair, armchair, or sofa, a comfortable space with the adequate temperature. Comfortable clothes are advisable, prepare a relaxing drink, use the toilet before the session, prepare […]

I’m pregnant, can I get a massage?

You can schedule a specialized massage treatment for Pregnant Women, which will be modified according to the stage of your pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy can only be performed after the first trimester (3 months of pregnancy) and will be performed by a therapist trained in this type of massage therapy. You will need to indicate […]

Can I share the treatment with someone?

Each treatment is booked per person – a treatment cannot be shared between multiple people. If you want to arrange a consecutive or couple meeting, this can be done before paying on the site, adding more than one treatment to the cart or contacting us at

Can I extend the treatment?

If the client finds that the scheduled time is not enough, he can extend this time with the support of the therapist who immediately informs the SOKURA platform to generate a manual payment method that can be paid by ATM or MBWay. This payment has to be made with the therapist still on site to […]

What to wear during the massage?

It is mandatory to wear underwear during the treatment. Even if the treatment requires a shower after the exfoliation, you must wear underwear. At the beginning, after showing the therapist the place for the couch and the couch is prepared, the therapist leaves the place so that the client can undress in privacy. At the […]

What pressure can be applied for the massage?

The pressure applied depends on the treatment you have selected. At the start of the treatment, the therapist will ask the client a few simple questions to tailor the treatment to their needs and preferences. During treatment, feel free to talk to your therapist about the pressure, and tell immediately, if you experience any pain.

Can I put music on?

Yes and the client chooses the music according to his/her taste. SOKURA made a list of relaxing songs on Youtube, trying to cover different vibrations for the treatment. click here, to listen to this list.

Does the massage therapist provide the oils?

Yes, it is important to know if the client has allergies, and when the client makes an appointment, he records this information in the technical form, or communicates it to the therapist before the treatment.